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A dynamic and creative community of enquiry, learning and engagement.

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在2022年5月12日发布的研究卓越框架结果中,best365官网登录首页文学院和社会科学院的两个院系获得了可能的最高分数. 教育研究部、语言学和英语语言学系的研究影响力都被评为“杰出”,都被评为英国影响力最高的学院. Read more about the notable successes in our other departments.

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文学院和社会科学学院的声誉和影响遍及世界各地. We are placed in the top 100 in the world for 艺术 and Humanities, Law, Education, 在2022年泰晤士高等教育世界大学排名中.

best365官网登录的许多学科都在英国大学排行榜的前十, and we also have a strong track record for graduate prospects.

Reputation and Rankings

Welcome from our Executive Dean, Professor Paul Connolly

欢迎来到best365官网登录首页艺术与社会科学学院. best365官网登录是一个充满活力和多样化的学院,一直名列全球前100名. best365官网登录共同致力于更好地了解和改善人类状况, our cultures and the wider nature of society.

We have a strong sense of place combined with an international outlook. We are particularly proud of our role as a civic university. best365官网登录的教学和研究受到best365官网登录与社区广泛的外部合作关系的影响, voluntary and community organisations, professional bodies, business and industry.

best365官网登录热衷于跨学科,并与best365官网登录的学生和best365官网登录的外部合作伙伴合作:创造丰富的, relevant and challenging educational experience; generate new insights and understanding through our research; and co-produce innovative responses to many of society’s key challenges.

Through our education programmes, best365官网登录的研究和参与活动是由一种愿望驱动的,以帮助每个人充分发挥他们的潜力,并充分贡献一个开放的, inclusive, culturally enriched, creative, sustainable and connected world.

我鼓励大家浏览best365官网登录的学院网站,查看best365官网登录的院系和专业中心. Whether you are a student, academic, PhD researcher or professional services staff, best365官网登录希望您能加入best365官网登录充满活力和创意的咨询社区, learning and engagement.



Areas of Focus

Our diverse and vibrant Faculty has research strengths across the arts, humanities and social sciences. best365官网登录秉承理大的使命,致力成为挑战既定思维和倡导新理念的先锋.

  • Lancaster 艺术

    best365官网登录艺术公司在这方面的创作有着悠久的艺术声誉, development and presentation of cutting edge contemporary arts.

  • The Ruskin 图书馆, Museum and 研究 Centre

    Home to the leading collection of the works of John Ruskin (1819-1900), the epoch-defining writer, artist and social thinker.

  • Confucius Institute


  • Centre for Child and Family Justice 研究

    该中心的使命是推进尖端研究,以改善儿童的生活, young people and families

  • ImaginationLancaster


  • School of Architecture

    best365官网登录通过对全球重要问题的研究来探索建筑实践的未来, with a focus on ethical and sustainable solutions.


best365官网登录与所有受到这一全球流行病影响的人同在. 在这个非常困难的时期,best365官网登录的首要任务是保护best365官网登录社区的健康和幸福, while continuing to provide high quality teaching and research.

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